legal name Thomas Andrew Martin
occupation Physical Fitness Instructor/Personal Trainer
birthdate and age November 18, 1979 and 35
residence Allston-Brighton, Boston, MA
hometown Beacon Hill, Boston, MA
sexual orientation Heterosexual
Thomas Andrew Martin was born to Desiree Olivia Martin on November 18, 1979. Desiree was a young mother, barely of the age of seventeen by the time she gave birth to her baby boy. She had kept her pregnancy a secret from the rest of her family, in fear of what they would think of her, only to end up running away while she was six months pregnant. While there wasn't much that she could do with only a few hundred dollars she had been saving from summer jobs and her part-time job at McDonald's, Desiree ended up in shelters and benefiting from the kindness of strangers as she settled into life over state lines and moving right into the Boston area. Certain that no one would ever find her, she did what she could to look into all of her options. At one point, she nearly gave up little Tommy for adoption, but could not find it within herself to do so.

Things were hard and money was tight, but Desiree did her best with what she had. Working two part-time jobs, she was barely able to make ends meet once they finally were able to move out of the shelters. Once Tommy was of school-age, she felt that she had somewhat of a break and was glad to not have to deal with childcare as much as she did. However, it was when Tommy was six that there became an issue. His mother never came to pick him up. While Desiree was known for being somewhat late every now and then, it became more and more worrisome when no one could reach her and more than fifteen minutes had passed. Little Jason was left coloring and sitting quietly when authorities finally came to pick him up. Not knowing of any other relatives, he was placed into foster care. No one had seen or heard from his mother since she had left work that afternoon.

Being placed with a nice enough family, Tommy really didn't know how to handle much of anything. It was a nice home with rules he had never heard of before. Having been in that home for two years, he became used to his foster parents ways, to the point that when they began to gradually take in more foster kids. Many of these kids would come and go, either back to their own families or to other ones. It wasn't until the family took on another child, that he finally began to give them any trouble. Taking it in stride, his foster parents seemed to just believe that he was finally coming out of his shell, though they hoped it was just one of those passing phases. After the young girl had ended up leaving their home, he had seemed to calm down again some, though he was still being deemed a troublemaker for not taking to their belief system and making a point of it any chance that he could.

Acting out in any way that he could, it was always deemed in more innocent ways. This ended when this barely passing student ended up getting into a fight at school over some missing money. He wasn't the type to lie, nor had a reason to steal money. The other boy had heard that Tommy was a foster child and used it to his advantage, egging him on. After this point, the teenager derailed more and more leaving his current family to try and force punishments. It became a constant cycle of rebellion for him.

Barely graduating high school, everyone seemed proud of that fact, at least until things turned around the night of the ceremony. During the festiivities, Tommy had run off with some friends pulling the usual underage drinking and smoking. Ending up in the wrong place at the wrong time, he bared witness to the fleeing of what looked like a burglary gone wrong. Uncertain of what happened, he heard movement still inside. Futile attempts at helping left him there when the police arrived. In fear of what would be thought of him, covered in blood, he ran. That alone left him with a police chase and the only viable suspect, as far as the police were concerned. Regardless of his fight, he lost the case and was incarcerated for robbery and manslaughter.

During his two years spent in prison, before a light came in to exhonoerate him of all previous charges, Tommy made his way through prison life through the point of a gang. Given what he knew and could see, it was the only way to save himself from whatever fate was looking to make of him. Feeling more like king of the yard, given his size and stature, it was easier than he expected. But he didn't turn back or ever want to go back, the moment that another man was caught and found to have pulled off not only the case that Tommy had been sentenced for, but a string of them.

Attempting to make something out of his life, everything was different. It had only been two years, but Tommy didn't know how to handle anything in the outside world. It was like deja vu for a life that he hadn't been able to live, so stuck on what he had learned and used during his time put away. A lot of his time was spent alone, working out, or simply locked in his own room. Any sort of relationships turned out badly as he didn't know how to handle them. With the world fading away, he tried to find something to give himself peace and reason to get out and feel more himself. This led to him learning how to be a personal trainer. Between his back and forth with work and home, Tommy was pulled more and more out of his shell. By the age of 30, he felt stuck again, in life and some rut, leading him to get a degree in physical fitness courses and gaining certification.
FACT Tommy had a brief stent in his life where he was addicted to the use of steroids. It was something that was brought to him by a friend that was also a client. He wasn't going to use them, having a strong belief against them, but he was having a low point in his life and having trouble dealing with it. Believing that it would help him bulk up more to get some different clientel, he used the pills given to him. It wasn't supposed to be something that he would keep to, yet it did last for over a year. Recalling the rage it would create in him, he is strongly against the use of them and refuses to ever touch the bottle that is still hidden away in his closet.
FACT He has no idea who his biological father is and had long since gave up reasoning on trying to find this out. He knows that his mother was from Connecticut, but has never had it in him to actually go in search of family. Instead, Tom felt more abandomed by them than anything else. It doesn't matter if they didn't know about him or why. It was their daughter that left, and he always thought maybe there was a reason for that.
FACT Still has possession of a pendant that his mother owned. It's a garnet heart with what appear to be either wings or claws around it. He was never sure, but after her death, he hoped for them to be wings. The necklace was far too busted and broken over the years, but he has been able to save the pendent.
FACT During summer months, he has a tendency to pick up a temporary job as a coach for elementary school aged kids. Last year, his team only won twice, but they had fun and he helped out with their awards over it all.
Comicverse tie-ins > Both were born of a single mother.
> Both lost their mother at a young age.
> Both grew up not knowing their father.
> Keeps in top physical shape and has used drugs (Tom previously used steroids) in the past.
> Both have been incarcerated crimes they didn't commit.
> Keeps old drugs around, but refuses to use them.

Locked items
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Advanced strength (without venom)
Martial Arts
Cranial tubes and wrist device
Photographic Memory
Genius Level Intellect
Expert Strategist

Superhuman strength
Enhanced reflexes
Enhanced speed
Superhuman stamina
Superhuman durability
Accelerated healing
Advanced speed (without venom)
Advanced durability (without venom)
Unlikely childhood friends. Has helped with training her and plays the part of special consultant for her private security firm.
Trainer at her gym.
Neighbor who tries to give him tips on picking up women. He never listens.