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The 1200 Skip

Time: 45 Minutes
Equipment: Weights, Jump Ropes

10 minutes
Jog in Place, Squats, Lunges, Hamstring Kicks, Walkout to Spider Lunges, Push Ups to Side Rotations, Jumping Jacks

The Workout
20-25 minutes
Basic Jump Rope Skips between EVERY exercise!
Round 1: 100 Jump Rope Skips in between each exercise
Round 2: 50 Jump Rope Skips in between each exercise
*Round 3: (Advanced only!) 10 Double Unders in between each exercise

10 reps each total (if two-sided, 5 on each side)
Half Kneeling 1-Arm Vertical Press (Weight will be in the hand of the side that the knee is up.)
Bear Squats (Starting in tabletop position, tuck toes and lift knees just an inch or two off the ground. Keeping knees from drifting away from the ground, push hips back towards heels, then return shoulders over wrists for one rep.)
Push Up Row Rotation (Execute a Push Up, followed by a Plank Row. Transition the Row into a Side Plank, then rotate back down to Push Up position. Repeat on other arm. 5 on each side.)
Dead Bug
1-Leg Deadlift Half Kneeling Tricep Extension
Plank Walk (Walk in a Plank position 5 steps left, then 5 steps right for 10 total.)
Broad Jump + Backwards Bear Crawl

Cool Down


Connect Four Team Warm Up

Equipment needed: Connect Four game, of course!
Number of people: 2+

Divide your campers into two even teams: one team for each color of Connect Four game pieces. One team member at a time will go head to head to do the same exercise for thirty seconds. The person who gets the most reps in that time wins the round and gets the right to put a game piece in the board first. After that player puts the piece in the board, the other team gets to play their turn in the Connect Four game. Then move on to two new competitors doing a new exercise.
Everyone else in the group will also do the exercises, but only the players going head to head in that round will count their reps.
Keep having the teams play against each other doing different warm-up exercises until one team wins the game by placing four of their own color pieces in a row in the Connect Four board.
The time this takes can vary. If it ends quickly, you could run a second game. If it's taking an especially long time, remove the ability for other team members to offer suggestions on where to place the game piece. The length of the game really depends on how everyone is doing with their mental game that day.

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Back To Barracks Team Workout

Workout length: 45 minutes
Equipment needed: battle rope, 4wd/large tyre, car tyre, cones, hill, oval or open space.

Split the group into small even teams. After warm up the teams head out, complete a mission then returns to barracks and completes the exercises. After a short rest/drink, move on to next mission. Equipment permitting, teams should move through the missions in order.

10x sit-ups
10x push-ups
10x squats
1x 30sec plank.

Mission 1:
single file line, OH rope carry jogging around oval, each 1/4 (3,6,9 o’clock) team performs 5 burpees still holding rope. Choose a “caller” so that they all go in time.
Return to barracks – perform the barracks exercises, rest 30-60sec

Mission 2:
2x 100-200m hill sprints each.
Return to Barracks exercises, rest.

Mission 3:
Car tyre toss: Person 1 throws the tyre as far as they can (others form a line next to (not behind) and “fast feet” while the thrower throws) they all sprint to the tyre.
3 throws per thrower then change thrower. Go length of oval or to markers and take turns running and rolling the tyre back along he ground (the tyre goes crazy when they run fast and everyone ends up laughing and chasing after it)
Return to Barracks exercises and rest.

Mission 4:
Littlebootcamppics (131 of 158)Tie the battle rope around the 4wd or large tyre (I secured with a smaller normal rope), ensure the battle rope is slightly tangled.
The team lines up side by side, 1 person takes the end of the battle rope, everyone runs backwards and when the rope is taught, the puller does seated rope pull toward them and the others cheer them on.
Trainer tangled the rope again, next person takes the end and runs backwards pulling the rope right, seated rope pulls to ward them, cont. until everyone has had a go or to markers and then turn around and do it back the other way.
Then – return to barracks exercises and rest.

Mission 5:
Finisher! Heartbreak Hill
I chose a 1.0km track around the area including running up the hill. They run the track and finish with the sprint up “heartbreak” hill! Celebrating at the end! High 5’s.
Stretch arms on walk back to barracks, stretch legs when you arrive and have caught breath.



Bootcampers have to gamble on how many of an exercise they will have to do. Set up about 10 stations of your choice with a variety of exercises.
Bootcampers have to start at a station. Spin the roulette wheel and they have to complete the number of reps that the ball lands on.
Bootcampers then choose a new station (they must do each at least once).
Repeat until 10 spins have gone for a nice 10-15min workout.


Hungry Hippos

Set Up: Write different exercises on tennis balls and place them in a pile.
Get your bootcampers to pair up in a circle the balls (around 15m away). When you say go, bootcampers have to wheelbarrow walk one another to the balls and collect a ball (one at a time) and go back to their starting point. There they both do the exercise on their ball before returning to collect another in the same way (swapping roles).
The game ends when all the balls have been collected and the winner is the pair with the most.
Depending on the number of balls you use you can do this as different rounds or one long game.


I Choose You Partner Workout

Equipment needed: Cones, Mats
Time: 60 minutes
Warm up

Animal movement triangle:
Set up three cones in a traiangle with 10m sides. 10m Bear crawl, 10m Dragon walk, 10m king kong x 3 laps.

What you will then need to do is space out the cones ( I go about 10m apart) evenly creating two identical lanes. From here what I like to do is write on each cone what the exercise and reps are for that station. These need to match up, then place all the necessary equipment at each station and you are ready to go.
You will then get your boot campers to pick someone to race down each lane ( ideally they should be similar fitness levels). They can chose a different person each race or race the same person its up to them. The loser of the race has to complete 20 burpees after each race (know one really likes burpees so this gets them working!). The idea is with a competitive component they push themselves that little bit harder as they will not want to lose, however doing it with a partner or someone familiar to them allows for a fun and friendly environment to still workout in!


Relay Bodyweight Circuit Workout

Relay of Doom
Equipment needed: Cones, Mats and an open field
Time: 40 minutes

Campers move around the stations like a relay, which just one team member running between stations at a time. When the runner arrives at a station they high five their teammate you runs on to the next station. The teammates who are waiting at stations do the exercise on the card.
Teams stop once one team has completed four rounds of the circuit.
Take a short break and then go on to the next circuit.